Welcome to the Oakhanger Angling Club


there will be a match on Johns Lake at Willingshurst on Sat 13th September

for more details contact Keith Wickens (Match secretary)

£15 all in. bait tackle and food availiable at the venue.

(do you want a practice for the "Help the Hero Match on 4th  October)


Any serving military personal in the area, for a limited period,

will be welcomed to fish our waters. They will however need to be in possession of a E.A. rod licence

and can get a day pass (on a 24hrs basis) by contacting Richard Coombes on 07814149206.

A donation of £5. per day has been agreed, which will be passed on to "Help the Heros" in full.

Those serving long term in there area are welcome to join the club. see "join us" page.

Thanks to all who turned up for the work party at "Bakers Pond" on Wednesday evening (in extreme heat) and who worked tirelessly in clearing and strimming and helping treating the water with Siltex in an endeavour to keep the scum situation in check. Hard, sweaty and very important work  Thanks again  Fred Bell fishery manager.

                                                Also like to thank the members who turned up at Rookery and put there backs into the work party 13th August  Great work.


Kingsley pond will be closed all day Tuesday the 26th August for boat works to start the process of eliminating more of the lillies.

Part two of this operation will be sometime in Oct/Nov


Any member wishing to publish photographs of their fish or associated works of art please email them to fred.bell@sky.com and if appropriate these will be put up on this website.

Any member wishing to offer tackle for sale ec. or publicise news appertaining to Oakhanger Club please send email to susangamble@btinternet.com for publication

Any member with any quiries, or have a particular concern about the club please email oacsecretary726@gmail.com


The club was formed in the 1960s and was originally based in Oakhanger, over the years it has grown to its present size and can now boast four first class ponds/lakes catering for all types of angling, for all types of members. Kingsley Pond is a mixed fishery for all ability including juniors. Mill Lane (Bakers Pond) likewise, and has a good head of fish. Shortheath Common is more of a specimen lake with some very good examples of various species and Rookery Reservoir is mainly a carp water, but does hold a large population of roach and perch, and good pike fishing in winter months. Please check venue rules before fishing commences. Also on the ticket is a stretch of the River Wey at Mill Lane where a good bag of Dace/Roach/Chub and Trout can be caught.

Regular work parties are held to keep the waters up to the condition you all enjoy. Please support these when you can, members are notified via the website. If you do not have that facility please let us know that you may be interested in helping and we will put you on our reminder list.

Enjoy your fishing, enjoy the countryside, respect the waters and other members and especially the fish.

Tight Lines



Dates and news of work parties are on the "news" page

The club waters are in a terrible state due mainly to the extreme weather we have experienced over the last two winters. There is a huge amount of work needing to be done at all four of our venues. We have called for two work parties so far this angling year. One at Rookery was attended by four members, all OAPs (three were over seventy years of age, the second date was attended by two of us at Mill lane.

I feel we must point out that the committee are all working as volunteers and do not get paid for any of the work they do. However we do spend lots of our time devoted to keeping the club and it’s waters fishable and safe. We are not employed by the membership of the club, and all members have a duty to help keep the fisheries in good order. Most clubs have compulsory work parties, maybe this is the way this club will need to go. Surely it is a bit much to expect around 2% of the membership to carry out all the physical work needed to maintain a club of our size, there is an awful lot of admin and organising carried out by the committee members, what with leases, licences, insurance and finances etc, therefore we think it is only fair that the membership takes on some of the responsibility. We are extremely lucky to have four very good venues in close proximity of the club, and the cost of membership no way relates to the fishing offered. To give you an idea of what other clubs charge, a day ticket at Bury Hill Lakes at Dorking costs £12 per day for one rod £18 for two. Gold Valley and Willow Park at Ash costs £10-£12 per day ticket and MBK £10 per day. So, I think you have to agree that £66.00 per year which equates to 18pence per day is not a bad deal at all.

If you wish to be informed of work party venues, times and proposed works please let me know and I will put you on my reminder list. If fisheries are not safe and suitable for anglers then we will have to close some of the venues until needed repair works are completed. Sorry to be so strong over these issues, but it does get a bit boring hearing complaints and moans about the state of the waters, if you wish to fish them, help us keep them up to scratch.

Please see the VENUES page for a detailed list of specific works which need to be carried out at the relevant venues


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