Coronavirus & Fishing Update

Dear members, we are now permitted by the government to return to fishing.

All lakes are are open for fishing, but you must have renewed your membership before going.

Mill Lane and Rookery are behind closed gates, so social distancing should not be a problem. Kingsley and Shortheath is a little different due to dog walkers etc. so please if any walkers etc. do get too close to you, please ask politely if they wouldn't mind stepping back.

Members of the same household may share swims and tackle, but everyone else is asked to space themselves out if there are enough empty swims that allow you to do so, and no sharing of tackle etc.

Please have some antibacterial hand gel or wipes, and if entering Rookery or Mill Lane, wipe the locks down before and after entering. And wash your hands thoroughly after your session.

If you have any problems whilst fishing at one of our waters, please do not hesitate to contact the head bailff, or another member of the Committee. All contact numbers can be found on the 'Contact Us' page.

Please all follow and adhere to all the government advice, and we should all stay safe and enjoy a good days fishing.

If a bailiff is around, and asks to see your membership book, please hold it up so they can see it wiithout having to get too close to you.

Thank you all, and stay safe.

 The Committee
Oakhanger Angling Club
Shortheath Guest Tickets
The 24 hour guest tickets for Shortheath Pond have now been reduced from £24 to £20.
These guest tickets can be purchased from the Holybourne Post Office, Kingsley Centre, Bordon Angling Centre.
Please note that as part of our lease we can only fish from the numbered swims and nowhere else.
Committee Vacancies

Looking to put something back into your club?  Want to help your local community? Joining the committee could be just right for you! We meet once a month in an evening, and put a few hours in over the month on various tasks. You don't have to be a fishing expert, just be passionate and friendly about your favourite pastime.

For further details please email [email protected] 

Without volunteer committee members, the club can't exist!


Crayfish Traps

 Crayfish traps are positioned in the Rookery and Mill Lane as there season is well underway. Please do try and not to disturb them.

If you are unfortunate enough to hook one please carefully pull it in, release your hook, and replace the trap back in its original position.



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